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¡Discover Menorca!

Don’t miss all the wonderful places to visit in Menorca, rent a car or a scooter with the best prices on the island.

Menorca is one the less crowded and cheapest destinations within the Baleares Islands. It’s known for being the perfect holiday destination to relax, visit it’s cultural patrimony or just breathe the Mediterranean air at an amazing price.

By renting a car with eesydrive you’ll have the privilege of visiting the whole island from start to end, without missing any spot.

In the south, you’ll find the best Calas such as Cala Macarella, Cala Turqueta or Caña Mitjana where you enjoy the real natural pools, known for their white sand and turquoise water.

In the north, sand is darker and there are mud beaches such as Beach Cavallería, Beach de Algaiarens or Cala Pilar, where you can enjoy some exfoliating baths.

Each cala and beach in Menorca, has its own parking lot, thus renting a car it’s a great chance to access easily and fast without any issues the best touristic sites.

Also, riding a scooter, you’ll experience the most fun and exciting way to discover the island. We remind you that most parts of the roads in Menorca are rural or one way only, therefore renting a scooter is the best way to move quickly and without trouble throughout the island.

Definitely, Menorca is the best island to enjoy a calm and relaxing stay, far away from the stressful rhythm of the city. Rent a car with eesydrive and discover this magical island, its nature, its gastronomy and all of its traditions.

Here in eesydrive we’ll help you with everything you need and we’ll make ever easier by advising you that you can live your holiday to the fullest.

Visiting Menorca is really simple by car or by scooter, with eesydrive you can make your reservation online, without any charges and with the best prices in the market.

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